Berry & Cashew Cake Slices
Experts Of The Extra-Ordinary

Eat. Treat. Repeat.

No labels, no limits, no compromise. Permissible’ is passé and restraint is self-ruinous. So say goodbye to self denial. Each delicious Bells & Whistles slice does not contain: Guilt, regret or disappointment.

Whats on the menu?
Bells & Whistles Apricot
Bells & Whistles Coconut

We wanted to change the way the world see’s Free From Food.

Inspired by a younger generation being underwhelmed by the same old brands, we wanted to amp things back up a little and create an indulgent treat that was Free From yet had all the indulgence you would expect from a cake.

Things can be a
little better

Bells & Whistles believe in good quality ingredients, simple processes and bold flavours. All our cake slices are under 120 calories each so eating a couple hopefully won’t break the calorie bank!

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